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If you are planning to go away on holiday, leaving your feline friend in a cat hotel, it’s important to keep your schedule as normal as possible beforehand so you don’t alarm your kitty! Remember to feed your cat at the usual times and make sure to keep your own stress at a minimum. Cats are very clever and they can sense if you are anxious or upset. ...

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When you return from your (hopefully wonderful) holiday, you will be ecstatic to see your best feline friend for a reunion. However, do not be surprised if your cat doesn’t reciprocate your feelings. Cats take a while to adjust to new situations Whilst you may be ready to go back home, your cat has just become used to being at the cattery, and it ...

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You love your cat and your cat loves you. That’s why separation can be quite hard on our kitties (and us!). So if you come back to collect your pet and it is acting a little differently, it’s probably down to a few simple things. Cats don’t like change, they are creatures of habit and are very comfortable in their routine. Your separation and having ...


Posh Paws Cat Hotel is a Worthing based cattery offering the finest in cat hospitality, cat pampering and cat comfort leaving you to enjoy your time away from home




The Posh Paws Cat Hotel is situated on the A27 Arundel Road as you exit Worthing towards Chichester just before the road becomes a dual carriageway, we are on the left hand side or right hand side if approaching from Chichester. So easy access to all major local road networks.

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