Pick Up & Drop Off Service


Battling with a busy work schedule? Struggling to make all your holiday arrangements before you go? I can help take some of the pressure off by collecting and/or delivering the guests door to door. Perhaps a more suitable time than my opening hours, whether that’s during your lunchtime or early evening once you are home from work.

I offer a delivery and collection service, cost determined by distance and number of guests. The vehicle is fully insured to carry the guests and all carriers are restrained in seat belts so they are secure and protected whilst having a large glass roof to see through. This helps them to feel less confined and less anxious, cats don’t like travelling at the best of times and so anything to ease this stress on them, and you of course, is paramount. Cats also pick up on your stress and so if you’re likely to be upset whilst transporting your loved one and get distressed by their mewing then the discreet delivery and collection service will alleviate this for you both.



The Posh Paws Cat Hotel is situated on the A27 Arundel Road as you exit Worthing towards Chichester just before the road becomes a dual carriageway, we are on the left hand side or right hand side if approaching from Chichester. So easy access to all major local road networks.

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Posh Paws Cat Hotel
1 Hollyacres, Worthing, West Sussex, BN13 3TD 

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